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Founder & CEO

Chris Reardon

- B.S. in Accounting

- QuickBooks & Xero certified advisor

Who am I?

I am an Accounting and Bookkeeping Consultant servicing small business owners throughout Greater Boston. I manage financial data, streamline accounting systems, and advise business owners on how to cut costs and increase their revenues. 


What do I offer?

I have 10 years’ experience in accounting & finance, and 20 years’ experience in data analysis & process improvement. Along with my public & private accounting experience, I have a diverse & cultured background across multiple industries, including engineering, customer relations, & military intelligence, all of which have further developed my passion to interpret data & optimize systems. As a systems thinker & tech enthusiast, I am eager to provide the best possible experience for small business owners, harnessing the innovative opportunities the technology revolution has to offer.

Thanks for visiting my site!

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